Sunday, May 07, 2006


I thought it was fate that today I wandered upstairs to the computer with the thought of seeing what a blog
was all about. I of course typed in footwear because that would be one of the greatest passions in my life
other then my husband, dogs, and friends. Presto - right in front of me were stories about shoes that
people from all over had written. So I decided- this is a sign time to start my own blog with a topic
that I know to much about.

Reading throught the pages of stories and poems about shoes felt like being on a plane next to someone
when they turn to you and say "So what do you do for a living" and I reply " I design shoes". At that point
if the person is a women they usually say wow what a glamorous job and then leap into a story about their
closet full of shoes, their bad feet, or something along the lines of the stories I have read today.

So yes "I am a footwear designer" and here is where shoes have taken me.

I always wanted to design- from the first Barbie doll and the dance costumes, I knew this is what I wanted.
So I went to design school and got a degree in Fashion Design. My first job was as a pattern maker for a
western wear company in Denver and from there I went to another company to design western clothing.
I actually designed shirt for Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, and countless other people. The folks from
the show Northern Exposure wore a lot of the shirts I designed. It was a crazy business of matching
men's and women's shirts in bright colors. And then one day someone said to me. Do you think you
could design cowboy boots. Not knowing a think about making shoes I said sure why not and ended up
with a job just outside of Nashville TN.

First thing that I was asked to do was get a passport and to fly to Brazil. Having never left the USA before
I promptly got on the plane landed in Brazil and have never looked back.

Shoes have taken me to Mexico, Porta Rico, Dominican Republic, Italy, Taiwan and China. Someday soon I will probably
go to India to make shoes. I have traveled to Europe, Iceland, Japan, and all over the united states for inspiration and
to buy shoes. I can tell you that yes at times my job is incredibly glamours but at times it has taken me to places that
most people would not like going. I have had a job where I traveled almost 5 months of the year outside the country.
Always trying to come up with the next greatest shoe that will sell thousands of pairs. I have to say I love my job.

But what I love most about my job is the incredible people I have met during my travels. Both the good and the bad.
The incredible parts of the world I have been allowed to travel to. The amazing feeling of walking through an airport
half way around the world and seeing people wearing shoes that I have designed and developed.

I find that people have an emotional connection to their shoes. That shoes are like food in a way because we
connect so much to what we where on our feet. The shoes we wore as kids, the shoes we had our first date in,
the boots we bought with our own money in college. The shoes we feel powerful in the ones the cripple us.
These are powerful memories and shoes in themselves have a kind of magic. They make us feel better about ourselves
or make us want to hide. They are the foundation that we stand on or choose to leave behind. They make us feel,
sexy, safe, or silly.

Today they made me start blogging. Who knows where they will take me tomorrow.
All I know is that they do matter to people and it makes me feel great to know I can make someone happy with the
artform I have chosen. So as I sit here (bare footed) at my computer I can tell you it's a very interesting choice of
topics for today and thanks for sharing.


At 8:05 PM, Blogger GreenishLady said...

Kasey, welcome to Blogland! I think it's amazing that this is the topic running on the day you choose to start a Blog. And you capture in that lsecond-ast paragraph what shoes do mean to people. They are talismanic in many ways. Our connection with our shoes goes deep, deep. Thanks for your perspective!

At 8:08 AM, Blogger javacurls said...

Shoe designer!! How fabulous! I'm sure you own a wonderful collection of shoes. Loved reading about where shoes have taken you in your life. Welcome to the blog world!

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Kim G. said...

Wow! How cool is this - that we Sunday Scribblers get to welcome a shoe designer to our blogging family! Welcome and thanks so much for sharing the interesting travels and experiences of your career. I always love to hear about people who are passionate about their jobs. We hope you'll come back again, even if next week's topic isn't shoes! ;-)


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